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Name 10 things you like in the perfered sex:

1) People musically diverse. I have a huge variety of music that I’m into and I’m open to literally everything except country. To find someone like this to introduce me to new things and get introduced to new things would be such a great find. I listen to everything from rap like Hopsin, Tech N9ne, and Swizzz to Alesana, Of Mice & Men, and Circa Survive. I also like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Dir En Grey, Johnny Cash, Motley Crue, Cinderella, Poison, Sadie, Angelspit, Grendel, Nachtmahr, Michael Jackson, Adele, Bruno Mars, and lots of other stuff. The only thing I never got into was country. 

2) Similar to music I also have a wide library of movies that I’ve seen. I’m a movie buff. There’s almost no horror movie I haven’t seen and I’m enthralled by people carrying on legitimate conversations regarding movies.

3) In the physical department I’m not too picky but I like lean build. I have a thing for torsos and stuff for some reason.

4) I love long hair. Boys and girls. But for guys about collar bone length. Girls, the ground’s the limit. Long hair is sexy :) 

5) Tattoos, piercings & gauges

6) Accents <3 Even if they’re fake. Anything that isn’t American. 

7) Someone who can be dominate and overpowering at times. Grabbing me by the waist and biting my lip/skin? Unf. <3 

8) I love eyes so I don’t have a specific preference when it comes to them, but I’ve always had a thing for blue eyes.

9) I like rocker dudes. It seems when I get in relationships they always happen to be with aspiring musicians. Then I end up helping them reach their goals instead of doing that for myself. I don’t know why maybe it’s the mothers mentality in me. I also have a vampire fetish. I’ve kinda always had it but yeah lol. The vampire type appeals to me too.

10) Even though I tend to have all of my ‘types’ I never really end up caring in the end. I like compatibility over everything else because I’m afraid the types I’m interested in are hard to find. 

List 9 things you hate.

1) Someone….

2) Spiders and insects. They’re cool, I just don’t want them loose in my house or on me.

3) Being smothered. 

4) Being lead on.

5) Band whores.

6) People insisting on trying to get in front of you to fuck up the concert experience.

7) Preppy girls.

8) Stereotypical ghetto girls. 

9) Girls in general. Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it. The drama, the bitching, I’m not like that and I don’t want to be surrounded by that. Hence why most of my friends are guys. 

List 8 things you love:

1) Concerts

2) Music

3) Drawing

4) Touring

5) Clubbing

6) Drinking

7) Gaming

8) Verbing

List 7 things you want to do before you die?

1) ….Go to this year’s Warped Tour and Bamboozle. I hope I can.

2) Move to California.

3) See my favorite bands preform. 

4)  Get my (tattoo) sleeve.

5) Tour one last time.

6) Dye my hair blonde successfully so my next color is more vibrant. 

7) Fall in love.

List 6 things people don’t know about you.

1) I have really big problems. I don’t want people to find out here instead of me telling them so I won’t go into detail.. But yeah. I have problems. Heart, drinking, financial, living, working problems. 

2) I’m really into getting pierced. I want to get so much more done but I don’t want to regret it later. I wanna get my septum done.

3) I drink more than I should. Then I drink more. I say this all the time but I mean it. I’m really an alcoholic. 

4) I’ve tried to kill myself more times than I can count and I’ve gone to the hospital for my attempts. 

5) I’m not a drug addict but I do dabble in drugs. 

6) I feel ugly and when people tell me I’m not It makes me feel like a bitch for bringing it up. I’m not looking for attention it’s the opposite. That’s why I don’t bring it up anymore.

List 5 things you want to change.

1) My life.

2) My love. 

3) I don’t want to die.

4) I don’t want to cry anymore.

5) I wish someone was dead. 

List 4 SERIOUS ex’s:

1) Nobody.

2) Armande.

3) Ben.

4) Nobody…. Again.

List 3 tv shows you like:

1) The Walking Dead.

2) I don’t watch tv much-

3) -so that’s the only thing.

List 2 regrets:

1) Wasting my time.

2) Wasting my life.

1 wish:

1) …….I don’t feel like saying it.