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Decisions, decisions, decisions.

So I’ve decided to go vegetarian again.

After the binge drinking since September I thought my body could use a change for the better. Last time I went veggie I didn’t have the support of a lot of my friends (and NONE of my family members) and they challenged my choice on the daily to get me to slip.. Whether it be by eating rediculous amounts of meat in front of me and offering me some, or stocking the fridge with nothing but meat products so I was forced to starve or eat meat. Regardless I actually did pretty well and maintained my veggie lifestyle for a good 8 months. 

Anyway. Luckily for me a group of those friends aren’t in my life anymore and I’ve moved out (got kicked out actually) of my home so my family’s backwards views of persuasion are no longer a factor in my life. 

Because I lost extreme amounts of weight when I was veggie I’m still going to eat fish to maintain a good amount of protein and junk. I do have low blood sugar/pressure/heart problems though, so really do need to eat SOME things but for the most part I’ll be sticking to my regiment. 

I’m also going to TRY (I can’t promise this) to start running either early in the morning, late at night, or whenever I have the time. Truthfully my sched. is pretty wacky since I’m the closing key manager at Game Trader, and that gets me coming home/going to bed at awkward times… but I think I can fit it in. 

Like I said I have a lot of problems with my health now, but I’m thinking if I start doing this I might lose some of my problems or at least get a better looking beach body. I’m really insecure in a bathing suit and It would be WONDERFUL if I could go to the beach next summer and take off my towel like BLAM and not have to worry about how I look or hide behind the overly sun tanned lady. (Because you all know that one lady that looks blacker than the turf on the school playground.)