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There’s really only one way to deal with this SOPA nonsense.


We steal the Declaration of Independence.

Had to.

So there’s some things you should know about me dude…

I’m not too good with relationships. Think of me as the guy of all guys. 
I don’t like being called babe or baby after EVERY text and I really hate use of the term “I love you” love is not something you can acquire within 5 days of knowing someone, and you sure as hell can’t ‘need’ someone in that time frame either.

Relationships get messy. They end. They always do.
I’m not so naive that I believe in things such as ‘forever’ and whatnot.

But anyway the less loose ends you have to tie up the better. It’s bad enough you have my number and address. Now social networking comes into play and you always have that last second of doubt before you un-friend or block someone you had been involved with.  

Some people tell me its ‘fear of commitment’ or whatever but honestly I just don’t like to be tied down. And if I can find a space in between where i’m not tied down but not alone and I’m comfortable- that would be great. 

….Sometimes I wish I knew what I wanted.