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Random questions thing.

Name: Marie
Age: 20
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color:
Birthday: September 2, 1991
Ethnic background: I’m a white… mutt? XD Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Italian- the works
Religion: Agnostic

Fetishes: Biting, domination, submission, bondage, choking, and scratching.

Hobbies: Dancing, drawing, singing, preforming, and sleeping xD

Favorite bands:
Favorite clothing brands: Tripp, Lovesick, Living Dead Souls, Demonia, Hellbilly, Cyberdog, and Lipservice. 

Favorite foods: Penne polo, Seafood anything, Pickles, My grandma’s Hungarian beef stew <3 

Favorite movies: Pulp Fiction, Starwars, Kairo, Ju-On, Stay, Fight Club, Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Are you depressed?: All the time.
What makes you happy?:  Drinking… Forgetting. 
What makes you sad?: Being alone. Idk, A lot nowadays.
What are you listening to right now?: Black Heart Inertia- Incubus
What are you reading right now?: Glass House.
What are you watching right now?: COPS on G4 haha.

Describe 3 things about yourself:
- Stressed
- Worthless
- Selfish

Describe 3 things about your mother:
- Angry

Describe 3 things about your father: 
Whereabouts currently unknown

Favorite drink: Yuengling Lager/Cranberry vodka/Dirty Martini with 6 olives xD

Are you a virgin?: Nope.
Have you had sex this year?: Yup
Was it good? ;):Indeed it was LOL.

What is your job?: If I play my cards right Wed I’ll be a Starbucks girl :) 

Do you follow back?: Every time ;)