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Because it’s not on youtube anymore and it makes me LOL when he dances. Side to Side Music Video by Tyler Carter.


911 What is your emergency?

There’s a La Dispute on the corner of Second and Sebring, please hurry!
Can you tell me the nature of this incident? 
Hold on I’m Asking Alexandria… OH Woe, Is Me! The Attack Attack started on Alesana street- past Parkway Drive onto Broadway
Do you know who was involved? 
I don’t know- just some Scary Kids Scaring Kids…  Everything was fine Before Today, we were just trying to have fun and Dance Gavin Dance now there’s Blood On the Dancefloor and a Panic! At the Disco. I’m really starting to Get Scared. Hurry before they really Set It Off
We’ll be there soon, is that all we need to be aware of? 
Just Watchout! There’s Ghosts

(This is what happens when I get bored LOL <3)

❤ The names you get called when you accidentally leave your phone in the other room for an hour- forgetting about the 10 people you were talking to. ❤