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Band Quiz Extrordinare

Pick your current favorite 5 bands, before reading the questions below:

1. Pierce the Veil

2. Of Mice & Men

3. A Skylit Drive

4. Confide

5. Covette

What was the first song you ever heard by 1?

"Yeah Boy and Doll Face"

What is your favorite song of 5?

"In The Mood" or "Give it Lift Off

What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?

They taught me to love.

What are your favorite lyrics of 5?

"Collapse your eyes, collide those lips with mine, let your feet leave the Earth and float away" 

How many times have you seen 4 live?

I haven’t :(((((((

What is your favorite song by 2?

“My Understandings” or “Purified”

Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad?


What is your favorite song by 1?


When did you first get into 2?

Way back when I just was about to leave philly so… around 2007-8

How did you get into 3?

They were touring nearby with another band I liked and I was curious so I looked them up. 
What is your favorite song by 4?

If We Were a Sinking Ship” or their cover of “Such Great Heights”

Is there a song by 2 that makes you sad?

Second & Sebring

What is your favorite song of 3? 

"I’m not a Thief I’m a Treasure Hunter" 

Alesana’s Rock Yourself to Sleep Tour 10/14/11 (TLA Philly)

Omfg the show was the motherfucking tits. Shawn Milke sang to me and I got a picture taken with him and Jag of A Skylit Drive, I got 2 picks from Alesana- (one Alex one Shawn) I held Kellin, Dennis, and Jag’s hands during their sets and during Sleeping With Sirens some guy proposed to his girl on stage- Congrats to them!  

Me and Ben took a picture outside with the venue sign, then he bought me a shirt to ‘pay me back’ for sewing his precious blankie. He also got Alesana panties for HIMSELF and a hoodie for the new album PLUS the new album which we already had XD to top it off we had the best pizza known to man (Lorenzos) Best. Day. Ever. 

Oh, Melissa and Namia were there too and Melissa sung a bunch/awkwardly bumped into Shane who proceeded to pile up stage props around her. Dennis joined in and Alex put his guitar on her. It was so cute. She was standing on 3 sets of boxes singing Annabel while Shawn had no idea what was going on on the other side of the stage. 

 While we were eating pizza on the street, I spotted Namia walking her (pink tailed) tiny dog, and said congrats to her on getting married. Then the dog proceeded to eat garbage and she stood around awkwardly. 

 Shawn came out after that to put away some stuff and I forced Ben to ask for a picture since he’s so shy. He said to hold on a sec and after being bombarded by 15 year olds Ben got the picture. Literally and figuratively. I got one in too and then we went on our merry way bumping into the guys from Serianna and A Skylit Drive again before leaving and looking at all the pictures/video I 

Now I must sleep for I have work tomorrow, even though I’ll be deaf. (I’ll see about getting the (good) pictures up on my tumblr soon ;D Night guys!) 

So much has happened in a short time… <3

I got a job at Game Trader and I’m the lead vocalist for a band called Trust Me I Faked It (Yes I just pitched it XD)

I’ve come a long way in a 2 weeks.
Just last month I was homeless/unemployed/alone/depressed as hell/heartbroken and now things are finally looking up. :)
I’m so excited I can’t sleep.

I wished on my 20th birthday cake that things would get better-
AND yesterday when I was walking home I wished on a shooting star that I’d do well on the interview.

Looks like someone was actually listening this time… :’)
I don’t normally talk much on my blog…
I think I’ll start doing that now.
My life isn’t all pretty pictures and bands. (thats only 50% haha)
Time to be ME.  

Twitter Bandpage:!/TrustMeIFakedIt
Facebook Bandpage:
PLEASE follow/like <3 

FUCK did I just reblog Paramore?

…What have i done?