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Anybody who grew up in the 90’s and doesn’t know this song is a deprived child.

This song will haunt me even when i’m dead.

started dancing in my seat.












the notes. the gifs. i love tumblr. 




I knew this is what it would be before I even pressed play! 

OMG! the Gifs! This is why i Love Tumblr. Made my day!

These gifs are perfection



I will ALWAYS  reblog

Excuse me, must download this now. 



Toxic 50 Questions

1. Are you legal? 
Legal for sex, almost legal for booze.

2. Do you drink heavily? 
…..Ye——wait define heavily LOL.

3. Have you ever tried any of the following- E, LSD, MDMA, Coke? 

4. Have you ever smoked weed?

5. Are you a virgin? 

6. Have you ever driven drunk? 

7. Have you ever been in the car with someone driving drunk? 

8. Have you ever been to a rave? 

9. Have you ever been to a concert? 
About 32 of them.

10. Have you ever overdosed? 
Yes, it was a really, really, bad experience. 

11. Have you ever cut yourself because you felt ugly, or not good enough? 

12. Have you ever been cheated on, abused, or both? 

13. Are you afraid to die?

14. How long do you think you’ll live to? 
27 maybe.

15. Do you live with both your parents? 
Neither, I’m homeless.

16. Do you smoke? When did you start? 
Not so much anymore but I started at 10.

17. When was your first drink of alcohol? 
I had a half a bottle of rum at 13.

18. Have you ever had a hangover? 
Yes, the morning after that bottle of rum. 
I made the mistake of drinking orange juice after waking up with my head by the toilet. 
It wasn’t a good idea.

19. Have you ever tried to commit suicide? 
Yeah. 3 times. Then I got put on suicide watch at the hospital for 24 hours.
That was also a bad idea.

20. Have you ever been prescribed medication? 
Adderall, Ridalin, Stretera, Paxil, Zoloft, Concerta, Remeron, a lot.

21. How is your relationship with your father?
Wants nothing to do with me, says I’m not his- despite the paternity test.

22. Mother? 
Also wants nothing to do with me. Even though I stuck by her through her illnesses when nobody else believed her and wanted her committed. 

23. Do you have a job? 
I’m the 3rd Key manager at a video game store. 

24. Do you have a car? 
I call it a Fred Flinstone mobile. My feet.

25. City or Country?
The city and the nightlife always take the cake for me.

26. Favorite bands? 
(no particular order)

- Of Mice & Men
- Alesana
- A Skylit Drive
- Isles and Glaciers
- Trust Me I Faked It

27. Least favorite bands? 

-Black Veil Brides
-Blood on the Dancefloor
-Miley Cyrus’s shit.
-Design the Skyline

28. Least favorite celebrity? 
Or lack thereof anyway. I can’t stand Kim Kardashian. 

29. Favorite place? 
The ocean.
Anywhere the ocean is. I’m there.

30. Piercings? 
Spider bites (soon to be shark bites) 
And my ears.

31. Tattoos? 
I’m getting an “&” on my hand soon. Then I’m getting that one sleeve I’ve been dying for. 

32. Last person you texted?

33. What’s your relationship?
He’s my full time homo sex partner of course.

34. Last person you called? 

35. What did you talk about?
Old times in Philly and how he got lost in our neighborhood.

36. Last person you IM’ed 

37. What were you doing during that time? 
Coughing up my lung.

38. Status? 

39. Interested? 
Idk relationship stuff is complicated.

40. Last thing you ate? 
Mashed potatos.

41. Last thing you drank? 
Raspberry zinger tea.

42. What are you wearing? 
Tour Life shirt I got for free, along with some headphones after my band’s tour.

43. Sexual pref? 
Bi, leaning more towards dat gud dick ;)

44. What is your def. pic of? 
It’s from a show we did in New York.

45. If you could name one drink after you what would it be/contain?
Oh this is good I’ve been thinking about this is in my head for years.
Bloody Marie.
Contents: Jack daniels, seltzer water, a fireball (the candy) and cherry daquri mix. 

46. Does it contain your fave alcohol? 
Yes. I’m in love with Jack. He’s my hubby.

47. What is another that you like? 
Four Loko. Def. <3 

48. Vampires or Zombies? 
Both. In that order.

49. Angels or Demons? 
I have alot of em so I’ll go with Demons.

50. If you had one wish what would it be? 
To live in San Diego and possibly get somewhere with this music ‘carreer’ 

Music Quiz :)

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order. Do this before reading the questions below.

1. Alesana

2. Circa Survive

3. A Skylit Drive

4. In Fear and Faith

5. D.R.U.G.S

6. Confide

7. Covette

8.  Sleeping With Sirens

9.  Memphis May Fire

10. Of Mice & Men

What was the first song you heard by number 6?
In Reply

What is your favourite lyrics from number 5? If dying is your way out then count me in I’m coming, maybe you’ll difference me, and I’m so used to being a coward, It’s all I’ve ever been, I quit before I win.

What is your favourite song by number 8? Let’s Cheers to This.

What kind of impact has number 1 had on your life? They taught me how to love through their music… I had great times listening to The Emptiness when it came out and when I hear certain songs they take me back to that place and time. Hearing it live two times intensified that effect.
And now it’s time to make the nostalgia last with their newest- A Place Where the Sun Is Silent, as well as any other albums to come. 

When did you first get into 2? 2006

How did you get into 3? They were just one of those bands I ended up finding and I fell in love with their sound, every song I heard from was a winner so I ended up getting their albums… and pined for the release of their latest album, searching all my internet connects until it finally came out.

What is your favourite song by 4? The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

How many times have you seen 9 live? Twice.

Favourite album by 7? Machines Are Taking Over.

What is your favourite song of 1? By albums:
A Place Where the Sun is Silent——- Circle Vii: The Lion
The Emptiness———————————————- The Lover
Where Myth Fades to Legend—— Sweetheart, You’re Sadly Mistaken 
On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax————————  Tilting the Hourglass 
Try This With Your Eyes Closed —————-Not A Single Word About This 

How did you become a fan of number 10? I had seen them live with Jerry Roush when they were on the This is A Family Tour, I remember Jerry slipped off the box and I LOL’d at him, but Shayley- who was playing guitar then, sang wonderfully. He was in front of me so I got a few pictures of him and his pubes… XD Anyway I googled them and got a few songs off youtube and realized I apparently I had some of their songs already on my old computer that I just never listened to. 
I saw them at Warped this year with Austin and ever since I’ve liked them so much more because of his stage presence… AND the fact that he actually knew the words. ;) 

What songs of 4’s do you listen to the least?  Novus Initum… It’s not even music. :/

Top 2 favourite songs by 5? Sex Life and If You Think This Song’s About You

Have you seen 10 live? Twice.

Have you met 4? Yes. Meet and greet after the show.

What’s your favourite album by 1?  A Place Where the Sun Is Silent

Favourite lyric of 7?  ♫ In The Mood 
She’s got the hair all tangled close; I wanna make this happen. Her sense of style has an evil vile that brings chance to rule it. The crowded place between inner space leaves room for being human. The stormy eyes act so surprised when in the moment. The final stroke of midnight comes. Is she in the mood? The whole galaxy turns. Well, I fear the worst is yet to come. (If the creater of this obscene clarity, stand up, save us.) The whole galaxy turns. Well, I fear the worst is yet to come. 

What is one of 2’s best songs? Get Out/Imaginary Enemy/In Fear and Faith/FEVER DREAMS… I love Circa so much… <3

What’s your favourite song by number 3? 
I’m Not A Theif, I’m a Treasure Hunter

How long have you known 6? Almost 2 Years? 

Which one have you known the longest? CIRCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 Circa Survive for suuuure XD

Alesana’s Rock Yourself to Sleep Tour 10/14/11 (TLA Philly)

Omfg the show was the motherfucking tits. Shawn Milke sang to me and I got a picture taken with him and Jag of A Skylit Drive, I got 2 picks from Alesana- (one Alex one Shawn) I held Kellin, Dennis, and Jag’s hands during their sets and during Sleeping With Sirens some guy proposed to his girl on stage- Congrats to them!  

Me and Ben took a picture outside with the venue sign, then he bought me a shirt to ‘pay me back’ for sewing his precious blankie. He also got Alesana panties for HIMSELF and a hoodie for the new album PLUS the new album which we already had XD to top it off we had the best pizza known to man (Lorenzos) Best. Day. Ever. 

Oh, Melissa and Namia were there too and Melissa sung a bunch/awkwardly bumped into Shane who proceeded to pile up stage props around her. Dennis joined in and Alex put his guitar on her. It was so cute. She was standing on 3 sets of boxes singing Annabel while Shawn had no idea what was going on on the other side of the stage. 

 While we were eating pizza on the street, I spotted Namia walking her (pink tailed) tiny dog, and said congrats to her on getting married. Then the dog proceeded to eat garbage and she stood around awkwardly. 

 Shawn came out after that to put away some stuff and I forced Ben to ask for a picture since he’s so shy. He said to hold on a sec and after being bombarded by 15 year olds Ben got the picture. Literally and figuratively. I got one in too and then we went on our merry way bumping into the guys from Serianna and A Skylit Drive again before leaving and looking at all the pictures/video I 

Now I must sleep for I have work tomorrow, even though I’ll be deaf. (I’ll see about getting the (good) pictures up on my tumblr soon ;D Night guys!) 

Tuesday I go into the studio to record.

I have to get pumped up and over there by 10.


Then make sure I got my shit together..


and do my thing till 7pm. 

Needless to say I’m nervous as balls XD
But I’m kinda excited too I guess.